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Our Favorite Garden Links
(local and otherwise)
Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District
our sponsor and meeting place, often sponsoring gardening classes
Ruth Bancroft Garden, Walnut Creek
nationally recognized water-wise and succulent and cactus garden right in our own backyard
Gardens at Heather Farms, Walnut Creek
many demonstration classes and gardens
Markham Arboretum & Nature Park, Concord
park and Mediterranean demonstration gardens in the middle of Concord... also nursery with plants for sale Tuesday a.m.
Pleasant Hill Instructional Garden
Located at 1 Santa Barbara Rd., Pleasant Hill, across from PH Middle School and Pleasant Oaks Park... interesting examples and demonstration gardens that fit home garden sizing.
Contra Costa Master Gardeners

if you really want to be a gardener teacher helping the community, you should  become a Master Gardener
Diablo Valley College Weather & Forecast 
local weather data real time; horticulture classes too
Contra Costa Water District
local Water District's guide on water conservation in the garden
East Bay Municipal Utility District  
source of great book on water-wise gardening for our area
Happy Gardener 
local private site, but interesting drought gardeninginformation and ideas
California Horticultural Society
long-time volunteer organization for the serious gardener; monthly meetings with speakers of note and other
activities (tours, sales, etc.). See especially their garden links 

UC Berkeley Botanical Garden  
world class botanical garden over the hill; pictures from PHGSC's visit several years ago... time to go again?
East Bay Park District's Tilden Park Botanical Garden   
renowned California native plant botanical garden
almost always open... and free
San Francisco Botanical Garden
for many of you this is really Strybing Arboretum with a recent name change to identify it what it really is --  a botanical garden; premier gardens; Bay Area treasure; almost always open... 
Dahlia Society of California
we had a great presentation on these plants at our May 2008 membership meeting... here is there link for even more great info on growing these  spectacular plants.

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