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2012 Plant Sale
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2009 Annual Plant Sale -- Saturday, May 9th, 9 am to 2 pm.
Our 2009 plant sale will have some nifty offerings and promises to be a great event for our club, our customers, and all our members who participate.

~ New or Expanded ~
Color bowls – Using decorative containers collected by Mary Eisenhour and others, a bunch of members potted up about 60 that will make lovely Mother’s Day gifts.
Raffle – Thanks to Ann Miani’s efforts, a compost bin will be raffled off.
Signage – Refreshed and new signs have been made by Ingrid Owen, Dianne Johnsen, Lynn Grassano, and Jan Egan. Our recent Plant of the Month features will get
special identification tags.
~ Deadlines and Schedules ~
By May 1 – If you need computerized labels for 6 or more of any same-type plants, give your information to Dianne Johnsen, 676-9315.
By May 6 – Give the names of the plants you’ll bring to the sale to Susan Pratt (Susanpandfriends@gmail.com), 687-4208. This will help with placing plants in the right spot
at the sale site.
By May 7 – Tell Dianne Johnsen, 676-9315, if you need to have your plants picked up on Friday, May 8 for delivery to the sale site.
By May 8 – Give your Safeway sandwich order to Sara Hoyer, 228-7646, if you’re at the sale Saturday and want to buy lunch. Prices: $5 for regular size; $9 for extra large. Order forms will be available at the May 5 meeting.
On May 8 – Deliver your plants between 11 AM and 6 PM.
May 9 – See you at the sale!
~ On Plant Sale Day ~
You can still help, even if you didn’t sign up.
• It’s a fun way to get to know fellow members better.
• New members will be teamed with experienced ones.
• Shade and sitting jobs are available.
Dress for the weather; wear a hat and sunscreen.
When the sale ends, if some of your plants did not sell, you may take them home to nurture and bring back next year.
~ Plant Sale Benefits ~
Plant sale proceeds benefit ourselves and others. Besides keeping our dues modest and helping to pay for our monthly speakers, some of the sale’s income is donated to local garden-related community organizations.
Please support our only fundraiser any way you can!
~ To Get Your Plants Ready ~
Create labels. It’s not necessary, but desirable to have computerized labels, especially for many of the same-type plants. Label guidelines are in last month’s newsletter and on the club’s website, www.PHGSC.com (see below).
Attach labels to slats of mini blinds or other stakes that are about 8" long and 1" wide.
Label your plants before dropping them off.
Pricing will be done onsite.
Moisture-protect labels with hair spray, other fixative, or paste over with clear contact paper. Put labels in pots after the last watering.
Spiff up your plants before delivering them. Clean the pots, prune as needed, pluck dried flowers or leaves, etc.
~ Needed for Friday & Saturday ~
Pop-up canopies – If you can lend one, please bring it Friday for set-up. (Canopies, plants, etc., will be guarded overnight by a member on site.)
Wagons, carts, watering cans, folding tables – They’re needed both Friday and Saturday.
Reference books – Sunset’s Western Garden and similar books are helpful in the sales area, if you can share yours for the day.
Chairs – Bring one for yourself; extras are useful.
Put your name on whatever you lend to the sale.
Boxes, lids, etc. – Bring to the sale, even if you can’t help work. They were almost gone by 11AM last year.

Selling Points for PHGSC May 9, 2009 Plant Sale
(update from Eileen Housfeld)

Information of Interest:
  Convenient location – corner of Pleasant Hill Road & Taylor Boulevard
  Large variety of annuals and perennials grown by club members
  Flowers, succulents, vegetables, herbs and more
  Competitive prices; some actually reduced from last year
  Saturday before Mother's Day;

Nifty, low-cost plants for children to buy for Mom

  Selections of heirloom, drought tolerant and California native plants
  Specimens propagated from plants that grow well in this area
  Small carbon footprint: no fuel emissions from long-distance transport
  Master Gardeners available to give answers and horticultural expertise
  Some sale proceeds donated to other garden-related local non-profits

  Fun for families and for garden lovers who meet old & new friends

Plant Sale Fliers are now on display at the Pleasant Hill Library
(courtesy of Eileen Housfeld and Mary Eisenhour)
Fliers at library...   see update by Jan Egan on recent events

You can download Plant Sale Flyer in PDF or JPG
  2009 Plant Sale Flyer

Plant Sale Guidance from April 09 "Flower Press"...

Plans for the plant sal
e are shaping up nicely, thanks to 15 members who are leading the effort. They’ll handle most preparations, and your involvement will help greatly.

Finish potting Whatever you plan to bring to the sale should be in pots or moved to larger pots by Easter (April 12) so the roots have time to get established.
Save boxes Start collecting boxes that plant sale customers can use to carry their purchases to their cars.
Make labels It is best to use computer-generated labels for plant names and growing instructions.
Need label help? If you have more than 6 of any plant and have no computer, you may call Dianne Johnsen, 676-9315, and arrange for her to make your labels. Please be prepared to give her all the pertinent information.
Volunteer More help is needed!!! There are still openings for assignments on Friday and Saturday. To sign up, contact Mary Eisenhour, 939-2533. Working on the sale is a fun way to get to know fellow members better.

Plant lists Knowing in advance what plants you’ll bring to the sale will help the team organize our sale tables.
Susan Pratt will collect your information via a sign-up sheet at the meeting. Feel free to write your plant list in advance (with your name and phone number) and bring it to the meeting. You may also contact Susan at 687-4208 or susanpandfriends@gmail.com.
Share mini-blinds & pots Please bring whatever you can spare to the April meeting. Pots most needed are 4-inch square (round not as good) and gallon sizes. Mini-blinds are used as stakes for plant identification labels.
Flier Included with the April e-mailed newsletters, the fliers will also be handed out at the next meeting. You are invited to print out or take as many as you can distribute to family, friends, co-workers, retail outlets, etc.
Blank labels Dianne Martinelli will bring a bunch to the next meeting for those who need them.
Saturday lunch To order a Safeway sandwich for your sale day lunch, forms are available at the meeting or contact Sara Hoyer at s.hoyer@sbcglobal.net or 228-7646.

Basic Growing Information for Labels
Plant name (common and/or botanical) A for annual; P for perennial or S for sun; Sh for shade
Height in approximate inches; width if appropriate Color of flower if known
water to indicate high water needs
water for low water needs
Drought Tolerant When Established  and other tips such as “reseeds freely” or “lovely scent”

Computer Label Guidelines & Sample Labels

Format: Avery 8160 standard (or comparable)
address labels (1" x 2 5/8")
Font size: 9 point to 11 point

Label examples below:
Euphorbia characias wulfenii 2' h x 3' w Perennial Sun, water Drought Tolerant When Established Lime green flowers, self seeds
Nasturtium trailing A Sun reseeds Soft yellow flower
Chrysanthemum parthenium ‘Golden Feather’ (Feverfew) aka Tanacetum parthenium 'Golden Feather' P (and reseeds freely) 1 " h, small daisy flowers or light Sh, water
If you have some plants to sell, identify them by name and whatever else you can, using the marking system you have available. Our customers will be delighted.

The members leading our plant sale this year are Anita Antink, Jan Egan, Mary Eiisenhour, Judi Fewster, Lynn Grassano, Esperanza Hoffman, Eileen Housfeld, Sara Hoyer, Dianne & Peter Johnsen, Dianne Martinelli, Steve Morse, Ingrid Owen, Susan Pratt and Lisa Robinson. Call them if you need help, information, or assistance.

This is our club’s only fund-raiser! Proceeds help pay club expenses, keep our dues modest, and allow us to contribute to garden-related community organizations. Please help any way you can.

Plant Sale Timeline from March 10, 2009 meeting (in WORD)

Plant Sale Layout in WORD or PDF

March 10, 2009 - Plant Sale Committee meeting.... all interrested are invited
7 p.m. @ Johnsen's... see PHGSC roster  for address and telephone number

from the May 2008 Plant Sale.... click

(added May 24, 2008 from June Flower Press)
Plant Sale Reflections
The plant sale team met recently to review what worked well this year and what else can be done in the future to make our annual fundraiser operate even more smoothly.
If you have suggestions, please pass them along to Eileen Housfeld, eileen.hh@comcast.net, or 944-4898. Meanwhile, here are some of the most positive highlights:
Excellent outcome – proceeds of $4,838.
Right prices – prompting shoppers to snap up bargains.
Hearty plants – our “product” was of good quality.
Good organization – everything came together.
Friday preparation – plant deliveries, pricing, placing.
Parking control – made it easy for shoppers.
Table display – specialty items attracted customers.
Plant expertise – knowledgeable members aided buyers.
Fine participation – people worked beyond their shifts.
Willing cooperation – folks helped out where needed.
Speedy clean-up – many people pitched in.
Enough canopies – whew!

(added May 12, 2008 ... excerpted from email from Marlina Hartley, former President and Plant Sale Chair:)

"...I just wanted to say how rewarding this news is.  If you have been around for a few years and think back to the days at the little schoolhouse when we tried to stuff all our plants (with labels that couldn’t be read and were randomly priced) in the shed overnight and arrange them the morning of the sale (with many more being delivered on the morning of the sale), you only have to thank yourselves for bringing us into the modern age with printed labels, organized delivery and set-up the day before.  For everything that goes astray, there are multiple parts that go smoothly.  The parking lot is a dream thanks to Jack’s oversight.  The flowering planters done by Judy are gorgeous.  Jack’s planters are works of beautiful craftsmanship.    

Having done it, I believe it is especially frantic for the person(s) who are overseeing the sale and trying to make sure that all positions are well covered and the plants are priced right to get us the most profit without being left after the sale because they were overpriced.  It is nerve-wracking when members need labels made during the last few days.  It is a lot more relaxing to observe from a distance and see people step in and fill the gaps and help each other.  It works so well that one might think that there is someone in charge who is experienced and paid for their effort.  We know how far from reality that is.  It is dedicated volunteers who devote lots of time to this effort.  It is numerous publicity pieces written by Eileen; watering and nurturing plants for other members by Mary and Dianne and others; meetings and mailings and phone calls for weeks in advance, lifting and loading and unloading by Steve, Peter, Dianne, Mark, and more.  Then it is two long days of hot, hard work and yet there are those of you (and others not named above) who spend most of that time working to because they want it to go well and because it is fun to share in the experience.  

There are things we tried that didn’t work as well as we hoped.  There are still pieces that could run smoother, but many things that we have put in place over the years have been shown to work and make it easier not to have to rethink them.  The procedures have gotten tighter and more organized.  I know it will be even better next year.  Congratulations, everyone.  Your hard work paid off! 

(added May 12, 2008 ... excerpted from email from Anita Antink, PHGSC Treasurer:
"...took the deposit to the bank today and got the final tally.  It is slightly larger because I forgot to add a bit more money brought in later as the last sales were made and because I also forgot a Susan B Anthony dollar among the coins.  The final deposit was...Drumroll...$4838.00!!!
Incidentally, the teller who added all this again just finished working a fund raiser for his Church and they had similar sales and were also elated about it.
Thanks also to Marlina for her comments and compliments to all you hard-working members.  It is indeed a pleasure to be among such giving people.

(added March 25, 2008 from Leadership Team's Preparation/Coordination meeting of March 24th)
*Prices for Plant Sale will remain the same as 2007.
originally from Lisa Robinson's "Why to buy plants from PHGSC Sale", with some additions from others on the team:
* Get great prices
* Find unusual and unique varieties
* Buy local;  all plants are grown in this area; not shipped in (small/no carbon footprint)
* Get hardy plants that will thrive - they are grown in this area's ground/climate conditions
* Learn about plants from Master Gardeners who are among the club's members
* Support your local non-profit garden club
* Help other local non-profit garden-related organizations because sale proceeds are recycled/donated to them
* Enjoy a fun community event where you meet other enthusiastic gardeners

(added March 21, 2008) from April "Flower Press")
Gearing Up for Our Saturday, May 10, 2008 Plant Sale
Leadership Team
   Several club members have stepped forward to serve as our 2008 plant sale “core committee,” even though we don’t have an official sale chairperson.
   Most of you already know that Mary Eisenhour is coordinating volunteers to work at the sale, both Friday and Saturday.
   Other planning and arrangement duties are being handled by Jan Egan, Eileen Housfeld, Dianne Johnsen and Susan Pratt. A great deal of pre-sale help will also come from Marc Kiefer, Steve Morse, Lisa Robinson and many others.
Feel free to contact these fellow members if you have questions or ideas related to the sale. Each year, Phil Greig propagates hundreds of plants to sell, so he’s a good source for questions in that area.

   The sale will be 9AM to 2PM Saturday, May 10 at the Winslow Center – corner of Taylor Boulevard and Pleasant Hill Road. (see map below)
   Friday will be busy, too. That’s when members are asked to deliver their plants to the sale site, so volunteers can apply price tags and put plants in their appropriate areas, such as “shade” or “perennial.”
  This is our club’s only fund-raiser.
   Do please sign up to help in any way you can. Proceeds help pay for assorted club expenses, keep our dues modest, and provide funds to contribute to garden-related community organizations.

How to Prepare Your Labels for the Plant Sale
   Include the basic growing information shown below, and then stick your labels onto cut up mini-blinds or stakes of a similar width. Labels should be in the pots when they come to the sale.
   BUT please don’t put the labels in the pots until a few days prior, or watering might make them unreadable.
   A nice touch is to provide pictures of your plants, possibly cut out from seed or nursery catalogs.

Basic Growing Information
  •        Plant name (common and/or botanical)
  •         A for annual or P for perennial
  •         for sun, Sh for shade
    •  if you are using WORD, look in the “Insert>Symbol” menu for the sun symbol (character code 263C)
  •         Give height in approximate inches; width too if appropriate
  •         Give color of flower if known
  •          water – high water needs (WORD character code 2191)
  •          water – low water needs (WORD character code 2193)
  •         Any other tips such as ‘reseeds freely’, lovely scent (check in Sunset’s Western Gardening)
  •     Photo you have taken of plant in bloom or a color picture from internet or catalog is very helpful.
Guidelines for Computer-Printed Labels
  • Format: Avery 8160 standard (or comparable) address labels (1” x 2 5/8”)
  • Font size: 9 point to 11 point
  • Symbols: see above if using WORD
    •  WORD character code 263C
    •   ↑ WORD character code 2191
    •    WORD character code 2193
Label Examples:
Euphorbia characias wulfenii – 2’h x 3’w
Psun, ↓water
Lime green flowers, self seeds  
Nasturtium – trailing
A – Sun – reseeds
solft yellow flower 
Chrysanthemum parthenium “Golden feather” (Feverfew)
aka Tanacetum parthenium “Golden feather”
(and reseeds freely), 18”, small daisy flowers

☼ or light Sh
, ↓ water

What You Can Do Now
Pot! Pot! Pot!
Many, if not most of your plants for the sale are probably already in pots and taking root. The sale is only 6 weeks away, so any last-minute potting should be done very soon.
 Tell Susan Pratt what you’ll bring.
To make the Friday set-up job easier, Susan will create a “cheat sheet” instructing volunteers in which sale areas to place specific plants.

If you plan to bring more than 6 of anything, please notify Susan. Her number is 687-4208.
 Start making labels ahead of time.
Do your best to make labels that properly identify each plant and give basic growing instructions.
Please make computer-printed labels if you can. If you don’t have access to a computer, please handwrite your labels clearly or contact Dianne Johnsen to arrange for computer-printed labels. Dianne can help if you have potted up more than 6 of any one kind of plant. Call her at 676-9315 between April 15 and May 1.
 Pass out fliers.
There are several ways to get fliers to distribute.
  • Print out copies if you receive this newsletter online and have a color printer.
  • Pick up copies at the upcoming April meeting.
  • Ask a PHGSC friend with access to fliers to give you some, or call Eileen Housfeld, 944-4898.
Distribute and publicize the Sale via the fliers
  • Pass out the fliers to neighbors, friends and relatives.
  • Post them at work or on community bulletin boards.
  • Ask local businesses to display them.

 Contribute supplies

Bring your surplus pots, especially 4-inch and gallon, to the April meeting. Also needed are extra mini-blinds, which are cut up and used as stakes to hold plant labels. Start now to save boxes – especially ones with 3- or 4-inch sides. Trays or cases from bottled water work well.
(added Mar 17, 2008)
... a suggestion from Lisa Robinson for the Plant Sale... 
When members get excess catalogues (and who doesn't), instead of recycling them, go through them, cut out the pictures of the plants you'll be bringing to the sale, and tape the picture to a card so buyers can see the plant in flower, fruiting, or in full size.  It would be great if the pictures could be laminated, but I think that's asking for too much at this point.  Cards can be taped to wooden skewers to stick in the pots.

General Map of Plant Sale Area

Text and Pictures from the 2008 Plant Sale
Pictures from the 2007 Plant Sale (click here)
Pictures from the 2006 Plant Sale (click here...)
Pictures from 2005 Plant Sale ... click here